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AboutIndirect Direct Evaporative Cooler

Airmaaster indirect direct evaporative cooler makes use of 100% fresh atmospheric air to provide optimal cooling solutions as per customer requirement, in the process improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

It is a simple and reliable solution to improve COP/EER using state of the art technology with a flexible design and customized engineering configurations.

It is ideal for usage as a dedicated outdoor air system for process cooling as well as comfort cooling
In the first stage the system uses indirect evaporative heat transfer to cool down the incoming air. It consists of a working air stream and a supply air stream.

The warm and moist working air stream is vented out to the atmosphere and the cold supply air stream can be used for process/comfort cooling. In case of additional cooling/RH requirements, the system can be fitted with an optional second stage in which the cold supply air from the first stage is further cooled and humidified using evaporative cooling