Air Maaster - Textile Air Engineering

Ring Frames IntermittentRing Frames Intermittent

Consists of

  • Transport Fans
  • Compactors / Waste Collection Bags
Compactors / Waste Collection Bags

The compactors have cyclone formation unit to form a cyclone and extract the waste sucked by the transport fans and deliver the same to delivery chamber where a rotating screw is fitted so that the waste is delivered in a compact form for ease of handling & transportation.
In the case of synthetics & blends, if the customer intends to collect the waste in loose form for reuse waste collection bags are used in place of compactors.

Transport Fans

The transport fans are high speed centrifugal fans with straight bladed impellers to collect the waste deposited on primary & secondary filter media surfaces. The size of the transport fan depends on the filtration surface area.