Air Maaster - Textile Air Engineering

Blow Room & CardsBlow Room & Cards

Consists of

  • Primary filter
  • Secondary Filter
  • Transport Fans
  • Compactors / Waste Collection Bags
  • Main Centrifugal Fan

Primary Filter

Primary filter has a disc with flange either stationary or rotary covered with a coarse filter mesh of nylon or Stainless steel to separate heavy waste particles & fibers from the waste generated by spinning machines sucked / thrown by the Main Centrifugal fan. The filtered waste is continuously sucked by a nozzle which is either stationary or rotating.

Secondary Filter

The types of Secondary filters are:

  • Rotary Drum Filter (RDF)
  • Stationary Drum Filter (SDF)
  • Multi-drum Filter (MDF)
Stationary Drum Filter

The stationary drum filter has round flange on suitable frame work and can be bolted directly to a wall opening / prefabricated PUF panel enclosure. The dust laden air from the department flows from the inside to the outside through the filter media. This means that the air inside the filter room is clean. A set of rotating and traversing suction nozzles on the inside of the filter media drum continuously sucks the dust and short fibers from the filter media.

Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary drum filter has rotating drum fabricated of punched sheets and the punched sheet is covered by Filter media to extract the waste and fine dust which is sucked from the department. The dust deposited on the filter media is continuously collected by a set of traversing nozzles.

Multi Drum Filter

The multi drum filter has a set of drums arranged concentrically in suitable frame work. The filler media is fixed between the adjacent drums and so on, so that the filter media takes a cylindrical shape. A set of rotating and traversing suction nozzles clean the filter media continuously by sucking the dust and short fibers from the filter media.

Compactors / Waste Collection Bags

The compactors have cyclone formation unit to form a cyclone and extract the waste sucked by the transport fans and deliver the same to delivery chamber where a rotating screw is fitted so that the waste is delivered in a compact form for ease of handling & transportation.
In the case of synthetics & blends, if the customer intends to collect the waste in loose form for reuse waste collection bags are used in place of compactors.

Transport Fans

The transport fans are high speed centrifugal fans with straight bladed impellers to collect the waste deposited on primary & secondary filter media surfaces. The size of the transport fan depends on the filtration surface area.

Main Centrifugal Fan

The main centrifugal fans are made of backward curved blades for energy efficiency, with single leaf / aero-foil leaves depending upon the quantity of air to be handled. The fans are provided with single inlet in case of waste collection system with sheet metal enclosure and double inlet in case of waste collection system with civil construction type.