Air Maaster - Textile Air Engineering

Manual TypeAutomatic Bale Press

Consists of

  • Baling Unit
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Feeding & Storage Conveyor arrangement.
  • Material Feeding Condenser (Customer’s Scope)
  • Material Storage Silos
  • Electrical Control Panel

Baling Unit

The Baling unit is a hydraulic vertical type comprising of vertical members and horizontal members which are welded. It consists of a single or dual double acting main hydraulic cylinders fitted on the top of the baling unit. A moving platform with hooping provision is fitted to the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder which acts as a pressing platform when the hydraulic cylinder is moved down. There is a stationary box which acts as a filling chamber for cotton / cotton wastes. It also has a moving box which acts as a baling chamber and gets lifted by hydraulic cylinders as soon as the bale weight is reached.

Hydraulic Power Pack

The hydraulic power pack comprises of dual pumps a vane pump and a gear pump, oil tank, direction control valves, pressure gauge, pressure switch, counter balance valves, inlet oil strainer etc., to control the operations of the hydraulic cylinders.

Feeding & Storage Conveyor Arrangement

The feeding and storage conveyor arrangement comprises of a horizontal conveyor and a inclined conveyor which feeds the cotton / cotton wastes into the baling unit. When the pressing platform is in operation or when the finished bale is being tied and ejected the conveyors are run in reverse direction for storing the material delivered by the condenser / silo for storing the material. The length of the storage conveyor depends upon the quantity of material delivered by the condenser / silo.

Material Feeding Condenser (Customer’s Scope)

The Material feeding Condenser (Customer’s Scope) feeds the material uniformly on the feeding conveyors either from the feeding machine of the blow room or from the storage silo.

Material Storage Silo

The Silo has a variable length square chamber with an opening and delivery unit at the bottom for each type of waste. The silo can be mounted directly on top of the feeding & storage conveyor or on the floor level with a condenser (Customer’s Scope) depending upon the height available. Silo also has photo sensors to assess the quantity of waste stored so as to decide which type of waste is to be baled next.

Electrical Control Panel

The electrical control panel is PLC controlled for automatic operation of the hydraulic cylinders, feeding & storage conveyers, and opening and delivery units of the silos. It also consists of push buttons for manual operating the main hydraulic cylinders and moving box lifting along with pump “ON” / “OFF” control by suitable relays and protective devices.

General Configuration

  • Single Assortment for fiber recovery plants / comber web collection in case of mélange process.
  • Multiple types of waste with Silo arrangement.


  • 40 Ton Bale Press
  • 100 Ton Bale Press
  • 100 Ton Special Type Bale Press ( for increased productivity)
  • Revolving Box Type / Door Type Bale Press (for ginning / waste reqovery plants)

Salient Features

  • Possibility to increase moisture content of the material being baled through water spray system.
  • Manual feeding provision can be supplied for effective utilization of the press.
  • Fully covered operation aimed for human safety.